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Whitstable: a buyers' guide


Whitstable is a lovely town with a strong community ethic - making it a very desirable hotspot that is resilient to the pressures faced by the national housing market. This is our checklist for being the smartest buyer in town…

    • Know what you can afford. Work out your budget, get a valuation on your current property and put it on the market. Speak to mortgage providers or brokers (we recommend Sonia Onion) and get your ducks in a line for looking at the market for the type of property you want to buy. Tackling this one early also means that you know just what paperwork you’ll need in place for your property purchase and any related property sale.
    • Do your research online. What’s on the market in your price bracket. This is an important time to test your criteria for the house you most want to buy. If you are looking for period property, off street parking and a central Whitstable location, there’ll be a premium to pay. Take a look online at a variety of properties so that you can assess the pricing differences between locations, features, condition and potential.
    • Be ready to make your move. If your budget depends on a house sale, are you on the market. You won’t make the grade as a savvy buyer until you have secured an offer on your own house sale. This is critical to establishing your credibility as a serious buyer. At this point, you’ll be very pleased to already have your paperwork in order for your own house sale.
    • Talk your criteria through with us. If you’ve been watching the property TV programmes, you might want your own Phil or Kirstie. We provide helpful insight to your buying process. Register with us and tell us about your property criteria. Expect us to test your priorities, as we put forward properties that might be of interest to you. Remember we are working for the vendor, so we will need to check your credentials as a potential buyer. If you’ve already taken care of points 1, 2 and 3 above, you’ll pass this check with flying colours and move swiftly on to viewing.
    • Give FEEDBACK on your viewings. It’s okay to say you didn’t like a property, but it’s most helpful to say why you didn’t like it. This helps us to understand which criteria matters the most to you - we understand that your criteria can change as you start looking around real properties. Equally, if a garage, an extra bedroom, or a new kitchen are all vital to your wish list, the agent can tell you whether that’s achievable within your budget.
    • Negotiate like a pro. Great negotiators make offers that vendors can say potentially accept. We will communicate all offers to our vendors - that’s our job and our legal obligation. ‘Cheeky' offers such as offering 20% less than the asking price, will be very easy to refuse, but what’s worse, is that it can close the door to further more realistic negotiations. Understanding that there may be further points of negotiation down the line (say following the property survey or around timings of exchange and completion), means that both parties ideally want to communicate reasonable expectations.
    • Sail through the paperwork. Your early preparation will help the final exchange of contracts and completion easy to deal with. Knowing that your paperwork is in place and that you have all the answers necessary for your own sale, will enable you to focus on your purchase. Our sales progressor, Michelle, is a marvel at tracking a chain and keeping all parties moving forward. If you hit any glitches, we always recommend an early discussion with Michelle who can help you find a way through any obstacles.
We hope you find this checklist useful. We seriously recommend pinning it to the notice board and working through it to discover what a difference it will make to your next move.
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