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The Ease of Park Homes


Have you noticed the regular flow of park homes that are marketed by Mark Smith Estate Agents? There are good reasons why this happens. Let's jump right in with the upsides of Park Home living.

Park homes have a well deserved reputation for being havens for older people. A number of park home sites specifically market themsleves to the retirement community; they are ideal for people who want to downsize their responsibilities.

Family homes can simply be too big for some retirees who face expensive maintenance issues on their current properties. While many park home owners want to lighten the load of property ownership - maybe releasing equity for an easier retirement - they also want the independence of their own home and outdoor space. Having the freedom to choose your own planting and patio style, can be an important upside to park home ownership.

Increasingly, we see park homes are being decorate to the same high finish of tradtional homes. Full size bathrooms and high-spec kitchens are increasingly the norm. Many are two bedroom properties, making it easy for guests and familiy visitors to enjoy the friendliness of park life too. 

These semi-permananent homes are theoretically mobile, but with carefull planting and even a patio, these can feel like tidy bungalows. Unlike apartments and bungalows, however, park home transactions are usually super simple and don't require legal services. It's not uncommon to see transactions go from acceptance to completion within a week.

Fans of park home life really enjoy the flexibility that these simple transactions can bring to their lives. There are ground rent costs that new owners need to be aware of. Most park homes are in the lowest Council Tax band: Band A.

There can be some important obligations and restrictions within park home contracts though. We always recommend taking care to read the park home regulations carefully. Restrictions on owning pets will be politely enforced. 

Park home locations can be surprisingly discrete. The park home estates around Whitstable, Herne Bay and Canterbury are in quiet semi-rural locations - but all are on bus routes to their local towns. They are an ideal solution for people looking for a quiet retirement spot, but within easy reach of shops and other amenities.

Our senior sales adviser, Jeanette, is our expert on park home sales and will help you through the paperwork and sales process in her friendly, calm and efficient manner, apprieciated by so many clients. 

Take a look at the park homes currently for sale on our website to see their locations on our map.

If you have questions about park home life, please call us on 01227 272155 for a chat. We would be happy to help you discover your perfect park home.