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6 Tips To Help You Sell Your Home When You’re A Pet Owner


For Some Buyers, Purchasing A Property That Has Had A Pet Living In It Can Be Off-Putting

62% of households in the UK have a pet of some kind, and it stands to reason that many of them sell their homes in any given year. Yet, for some prospective buyers, the prospect of purchasing a property that has had a pet living in it is off-putting.

But why? Their thoughts focus on....

  • Potential damage to fixtures, fittings and flooring
  • Bad odours
  • Holes and excrement in the garden
  • Fleas

If you’re a pet owner and are looking to sell your property in Whitstable or surrounding area our pet-loving team at Spiller Brooks Estate Agents has some helpful advice to make the selling process simpler for you, even when you have a furry friend

Read on to discover our top six tips.

1. Carry Out Repairs

If your pets have caused any damage to your home, make sure you’ve carried out repairs before listing your property for sale. Although we love our four-legged companions, they can be hard on our carpets, walls, and gardens. If your cat has ripped up sections of flooring or your dog has scratched the paint off the doors, address those issues before showing any prospective buyers around.

2. Get Rid Of Odours

When we live with animals day in and day out, we tend to become “nose blind” to the odours that they create. However, your prospective buyers will be sure to detect those tell-tale smells the moment they walk through the door and the smell of wet dog or dirty cat litter is unlikely to make them want to make an offer! Make sure you’ve removed any obvious pet stains, get the floors, sofas, and carpets professionally cleaned, and use some pleasant air fresheners before you host any viewings.

3. Tidy Your Garden

If your dog loves nothing more than digging holes in your lawn or tends to use your patio as their personal toilet, it’s important to tidy up before showing any potential purchasers around your home. Gardens are a big asset of your property, and many buyers are looking specifically for a home with its own outdoor space, so make sure you play it to your advantage with a tidy, clean garden that looks its best.

4. Consider What To Do With Your Pet When You’re Hosting Viewings

Some prospective buyers will be put off if they arrive at your home and receive a slobbery welcome from your dog, or your cat decides to wind itself around their legs as they attempt to climb the stairs. Consider in advance what you’ll do with your pet when you’re hosting viewings. If you have a well-behaved cat or dog, it may be fine to keep them in the house, but if they’re over-enthusiastic, aggressive with strangers, or unpredictable in any way, it’s probably best to see if a friend or family member will pet-sit for you. If you have an unusual pet like a lizard or snake, it’s probably worthwhile to relocate them temporarily during viewings since some people find reptiles frightening.

5. Clean Thoroughly

Before every viewing ensure that you’ve vacuumed and cleaned your home thoroughly. Bear in mind that some prospective buyers may have allergies, and if they’re struggling to breathe or can’t see properly because of their watering eyes as they view your home they’re unlikely to make an offer!

6. Get Rid Of Evidence

If you’re relocating your pet to a friend or family member during viewings, remember to get rid of all signs that they live in your home. Remove water and food bowls, pet toys, and litter boxes to give the right impression.


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