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3 Key Things To Look For When Viewing A Property For Sale In Whitstable


Make Sure To Check These Out When Viewing A Property

Purchasing a new home and looking at property for sale in Whitstable is a major decision for most people. There are so many factors that you must consider when buying a new home, and some of those are crucial from the moment you first view the property.

It’s vital to ensure the property of your choice is suited to your needs and that it is in a good state of repair, so our team at Spiller Brooks Estate Agents has some helpful advice. Here are three things to look out for during property viewings so that you can spot warning signs and make a well-informed decision or offer.

1. Look Out For Signs of Damp

The first thing to look out for during a property viewing, particularly in older homes, is any indication that the property has a damp problem. Flaking plaster, watermarks on ceilings or walls, and a musty smell are tell-tale signs of dampness. Look closely at areas around the property’s skirting boards and ceilings and bear in mind that if a room has been recently painted it may be an attempt to cover up a damp patch.

Damp is an indicator of the condition of the structure and ventilation of the building as it occurs when damp air condenses on its walls. It’s difficult to eradicate dampness, and since it’s a problem that may result in woodworm infestations, fungal degradation, and health issues, you should seek professional advice should you suspect a property has a damp problem.

2. Find Out Which Way The Property Faces

If you’re viewing a property at night, during winter, or on a cloudy day, you may not notice the differences between a south and north-facing house. However, during the summer there’s a significant difference. A south-facing property is bright and warm, whereas a north-facing one may appear gloomy.

Tip: If your phone has a compass, use it while viewing the property to check!

3. Inspect The Windows

The third thing you need to check when viewing any property is the external window frames. If you can easily insert your finger into a wooden window frame, that’s a sign that the window may be rotten. If you spot condensation between the window panes of a double-glazed window, there’s almost certainly an issue there that will need resolving.

Meanwhile, if the windows are in good condition, that’s a sign that the property is well cared for and in a good state of repair. Remember you should get a FENSA certificate or equivalent to prove that the windows have been installed to the appropriate building standards by a registered installer when you buy a property.

Where Can You Get Expert Property Advice?

You should take the time to check these three things when viewing any property if you’d prefer not to have to deal with significant issues at a later date!

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